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SubjectDWC2 and/or S3C-HSOTG for STA2X11 board

I have an x86 board made by STMicroelectronics (STA2X11) with the Synopsis
USB-OTG DesignWare 2 on it and connected through the PCI-e bus.

I know that there are two drivers for the same controller:

(host) drivers/staging/dwc2/*
(device) drivers/usb/gadget/s3c-hsotg.{c|h}

So, at the moment I cannot have a board with both host/device working at the
same time. I have to choose to use the block as device or host, right?

I know that the plan is to merge the s3c-hsotg in the dwc2 driver
( Are still accepted patch to s3c-hsotg? Or
it is work in progress right now (soon), so it is better to wait after the

In order to use the s3c-hsotg I must implement a PCI wrapper that uses this
driver. It will be accepted in the kernel even if it will be removed sooner or
later because of the driver merge?

Thank you :)

Federico Vaga

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