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SubjectRe: [ATTEND] How to act on LKML

On Tue, Jul 16 2013, Darren Hart wrote:
> On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 15:36 -0700, Sarah Sharp wrote:
>> The people who want to work together in a civil manner should get
>> together and create a "Kernel maintainer's code of conduct" that
>> outlines what they expect from fellow kernel developers. The people who
>> want to continue acting "unprofessionally" should document what
>> behaviors set off their cursing streaks, so that others can avoid that
>> behavior. Somewhere in the middle is the community behavior all
>> developers can thrive in.
>> Some people won't agree with everything in that document. The point is,
>> they don't have to agree. They can read the document, figure out what
>> the community expects, and figure out whether they can modify their
>> behavior to match. If they are unwilling to change, they simply don't
>> have to work with the developers who have signed it.
>> Perhaps a trusted third party could take a stab at a first draft of this
>> document? Greg KH? Steve Rostedt? Darren Hart?
> [..]
> I do believe that someone from the intended audience of a document
> should be the one to write the first draft (or they should be among the
> reviewers if the authority drafts the document). For instance, I
> believe I would be able to document how to work with -tip or -stable as
> an individual contributor. I would not be a good candidate for writing
> the "how to be a lieutenant to Linus" because I am neither Linus nor
> one of his lieutenants.

Here's a simple statement that I hope many kernel developers would
sign up for -- I'd be happy to make it for the subsystem I maintain:

* If there's something wrong with your patch, I will critique the
code respectfully, without personal attacks or public humiliation.

I'd like other developers to treat me this way too, but perhaps a good
way to get started is to first come up with a statement of how we'd
like to treat others, and then start collecting signatories to it.
Does that sound like a good idea?


- Chris.
Chris Ball <> <>

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