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Subjectv3.11-rc1 USB regressions

I think USB tree introduced regressions in v3.11-rc1, at least for some
OMAP devices using legacy boot. I have only bisected these; I have no
idea what the real fixes are but the following reverts make Nokia OMAP2+
boards again usable for kernel development work (they need working USB
connection for interacting with the device):

1) USB peripheral mode (g_ether) is broken on Nokia N900, N950 and N9
(USB_MUSB_OMAP2PLUS). To make it it work, I need to revert three

usb: musb: fix incorrect usage of resource pointer
(Reverting this fixes the g_ether probe failure "couldn't find
an available UDC")

usb: musb: gadget: remove hcd initialization
(Reverting this fixes error "cdc_ether: probe of 4-1:1.0 failed
with error -110" seen on the host side.)

usb: musb: eliminate musb_to_hcd
(Reverting this fixes compilation error cause by the previous

2) USB peripheral mode (g_ether) is broken also on Nokia N800 and N810
(USB_MUSB_TUSB6010). In addition to the above, I need to also revert
the following:

usb: gadget: drop unused USB_GADGET_MUSB_HDRC

(This commit is clearly incorrect - code checking for this still
remain in the tree (see e.g. N8x0 board file), so it's not "unused".)


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