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SubjectRe: [PATCH -next 2/2] kbuild: fix for updated LZ4 tool with the new streaming format
On 07/15/2013 03:03 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
> I don't know how to do this. Any suggestions?
> It has to be done at `make config' time. We'd need to probe for the
> presence of lz4c and then.... what?
> Is there any precedent for this?
> I don't think we can just ignore the absence of lz4c - the user has
> selected a config which his system cannot build. The problem lies
> within randconfig itself.

We keep running over the need to be able to have kconfig run tests on
the build system (for toolchain support or for optional tools needed);
running them in the Makefiles (i.e. at Kbuild time) is simply too late.


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