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Subject[ANNOUNCE] 3.8.13-rt14
Dear RT Folks,

I'm pleased to announce the 3.8.13-rt14 release.

changes since v3.8.13-rt13:
- added a patch from Uwe Kleine-König to fix the UP breakage introduced by
the recent s/sbin spinlocks/raw_spin_lock/ change.
- added a fix for a livelock of workqueue vs ata-piix. Found by Carsten
Emde, patch proposed by Thomas Gleixner.

The delta patch against v3.8.13-rt13 is appended below and can be found here:

The RT patch against 3.8.13 can be found here:

The split quilt queue is available at:


diff --git a/include/linux/list_bl.h b/include/linux/list_bl.h
index ddfd46a..becd7a6 100644
--- a/include/linux/list_bl.h
+++ b/include/linux/list_bl.h
@@ -131,8 +131,10 @@ static inline void hlist_bl_lock(struct hlist_bl_head *b)
bit_spin_lock(0, (unsigned long *)b);
+#if defined(CONFIG_SMP) || defined(CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK)
__set_bit(0, (unsigned long *)b);

static inline void hlist_bl_unlock(struct hlist_bl_head *b)
@@ -140,7 +142,9 @@ static inline void hlist_bl_unlock(struct hlist_bl_head *b)
__bit_spin_unlock(0, (unsigned long *)b);
+#if defined(CONFIG_SMP) || defined(CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK)
__clear_bit(0, (unsigned long *)b);
diff --git a/kernel/workqueue.c b/kernel/workqueue.c
index 0d49ddf..99855b3 100644
--- a/kernel/workqueue.c
+++ b/kernel/workqueue.c
@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@
#include <linux/lockdep.h>
#include <linux/idr.h>
#include <linux/locallock.h>
+#include <linux/delay.h>

#include "workqueue_sched.h"

@@ -1157,7 +1158,7 @@ static int try_to_grab_pending(struct work_struct *work, bool is_dwork,
local_unlock_irqrestore(pendingb_lock, *flags);
if (work_is_canceling(work))
return -ENOENT;
- cpu_relax();
+ cpu_chill();
return -EAGAIN;

diff --git a/localversion-rt b/localversion-rt
index 9f7d0bd..08b3e75 100644
--- a/localversion-rt
+++ b/localversion-rt
@@ -1 +1 @@
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