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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Clock changes for supporting CPUFreq on Exynos5250
>> Would it be possible for you to queue them for 3.10-rc? These two
>> patches are sufficient for cpufreq to work on Arndale board. It would be
>> nice to have cpufreq working on 3.10 kernel.
> I only want to take bug fixes into the -rc's. Did cpufreq work on
> Arndale in v3.10? If it did then this is a regression and can be fixed.
> If this is a new feature however I'll keep the patches in clk-next.

This fixes a regression as cpufreq was working for EXYNOS5250 based
systems before migration to CCF.

Though Arndale support was added during 3.10, this holds good for other
EXYNOS5250 based systems.

Tushar Behera

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