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SubjectRe: race condition in schedule_on_each_cpu()
In the previous  message,You mentioned:

>> by the way, I'm wondering about what's the race condition before
which doesn't exist now

> Before the commit you originally quoted, the calling thread could be
preempted and migrated to another CPU before get_online_cpus() thus
ending up executing the function twice on the new cpu but skipping the
old one.

does this situation will happen in "Full preemption" config, on 3.0.30-rt50?

于 2013年06月07日 09:34, 写道:
> it's preemption mode related ,
> on the 3.0.30-rt50, only config kernel with highest preemption
> level (Fully Preemptible Kernel (RT)) in cpu preemption model
> will cause problem
> and even i use the "Preemptible Kernel" or "Preemptible Kernel
> (Low-Latency Desktop)" the problem would not happen..
> > I looked through the logs but the only worker depletion related
> patches which pop up are around CPU hotplugs, so I don't think they
> apply here. If the problem is relatively easy to reproduce && you
> can't move onto a newer kernel, I'm afraid bisection probably is the
> best option. Thanks!

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