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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: tegra: add basic SecureOS support
Hi Tomasz,

On 06/06/2013 07:17 PM, Tomasz Figa wrote:
>> +Global properties
>> +-------------------------------------------
>> +
>> +The following properties can be specified into the "chosen" root
>> +node:
>> +
>> + nvidia,secure-os: enable SecureOS.
> Hmm, on Exynos we had something like
> firmware@0203F000 {
> compatible = "samsung,secure-firmware";
> reg = <0x0203F000 0x1000>;
> };
> but your solution might be actually the proper one, since firmware is not
> a hardware block. (The address in reg property is pointing to SYSRAM
> memory, which is an additional communication channel with the firmware.)

Yes, I saw your implementation but decided to do it through the chosen
node anyway, since that's what it seems to be designed and we don't need
any reg parameter.

> I think this patch could be split into several patches:
> - add support for firmware
> - split reset function
> - add reset support using firmware.

Mmm possibly yes, but I wonder if that would not be too much splitting.

> Hmm, I wonder if you need all this complexity here. Have a look at our
> exynos_smc function

Yes, I just embarrassed myself showing my ignorance of ARM assembler. ;)
The fix Russel proposed is pretty close to your version.

>> +static const struct firmware_ops tegra_firmware_ops = {
>> + .set_cpu_boot_addr = tegra_set_cpu_boot_addr,
>> +};
> It's good that this interface is finally getting some user besides Exynos.

I didn't know about it first but Joseph kindly pointed it out to me and
it indeed makes it easier to implement this.


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