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SubjectLinux 3.10-rc4

Another week, another -rc. But this time (at least for now) only as a git
tree - for people actually using the tar-balls and patches, I apologize,
but I'm a complete moron, and didn't install kup, its perl dependencies,
and my kup release scripts on the pixel before the trip.

And while I can read and write email, and git is fine with just a few
(flaky) kB/s internet throughput I have access to right now, installing
the perl packages etc seems to be a pipe dream.

I suspect nobody actually uses the tar-balls and patches, since git is so
much more convenient and efficient, so hopefully nobody cares. But I'll
rectify the lack eventually. Hopefully within a day or two, as my "yum
update" actually completes. And if not in a day or two, then when I get
back home a few days later.

Anyway, rc4 is smaller than rc3 (yay!). But it could certainly be smaller
still (boo!). There's the usual gaggle of driver fixes (drm, pinctrl, scsi
target, fbdev, xen), but also filesystems (cifs, xfs, with small fixes to
reiserfs and nfs).

And arch updates: m68k (mostly defconfig updates), powerpc, arm and x86.

Go forth and test.


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