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SubjectRe: [PATCH 13/15] chipidea: Allow user to select PCI/IMX options
Jiri Slaby <> writes:

> From: Jeff Mahoney <>
> The chipidea driver currently has needless ifneq rules in the makefile
> for things that should be config options.

Please elaborate on the "should be" part.

> This can be problematic,
> especially in the IMX case, since the OF_DEVICE dependency will be met
> on powerpc systems - which don't actually support the hardware via that
> method.

That's all right, but these things should still compile on powerpc and
get more compilation testing like that. On the other hand, if the
compilation does break, we're probably looking at a bug in ci13xxx_imx,
which needs fixing.

> This patch adds _PCI and _IMX config options to allow the user to
> select whether to build the modules.

I would really like to avoid unnecessary config options in the chipidea
driver, so my question is: is there a real bug or compilation breakage
that is triggered in the current state of things?

> + bool "ChipIdea PCI support"
> + depends on PCI
> + help
> + This option enables ChipIdea support on PCI.

I totally don't understand this: we have CONFIG_USB_CHIPIDEA and
CONFIG_PCI, which already enable chipidea support on PCI. This helps in
the case when you have both options enabled, but still don't want the
ci13xxx_pci module to be built, but it doesn't justify an extra option.


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