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SubjectRe: Stupid VFS name lookup interface..
On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 11:33 AM, Casey Schaufler
<> wrote:
> Now I'll put on my Smack maintainer hat. Performance improvement is
> always welcome, but I would rather see attention to performance of
> the LSM architecture than SELinux specific hacks.

I haven't seen huge issues with performance at that level.

> The LSM blob
> pointer scheme is there so that you (Linus) don't have to see the
> dreadful things that we security people are doing. Is it time to
> get past that level of disassociation? Or, and I really hate asking
> this, have you fallen into the SELinux camp?

I only have selinux performance to look at, since I run Fedora. I used
to actually turn it off entirely, because it impacted VFS performance
so horribly. We fixed it. I (and Al) spent time to make sure that we
don't need to drop RCU lookup just because we call into the security
layers etc.

But I haven't even looked at what non-selinux setups do to
performance. Last time I tried Ubuntu (they still use apparmor, no?),
"make modules_install ; make install" didn't work for the kernel, and
if the Ubuntu people don't want to support kernel engineers, I
certainly am not going to bother with them. Who uses smack?


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