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SubjectRe: [patch 0/8]: use runnable load avg in balance
On 05/10/2013 11:17 PM, Alex Shi wrote:
> This patchset bases on tip/sched/core.
> This version changed the runnable load avg value setting for new task
> in patch 3rd.
> We also tried to include blocked load avg in balance. but find many benchmark
> performance dropping. Guess the too bigger cpu load drive task to be waken
> on remote CPU, and cause wrong decision in periodic balance.
> I retested on Intel core2, NHM, SNB, IVB, 2 and 4 sockets machines with
> benchmark kbuild, aim7, dbench, tbench, hackbench, oltp, and netperf loopback
> etc. The performance is better now.
> On SNB EP 4 sockets machine, the hackbench increased about 50%, and result
> become stable. on other machines, hackbench increased about 2~10%.
> oltp increased about 30% in NHM EX box.
> netperf loopback also increased on SNB EP 4 sockets box.
> no clear changes on other benchmarks.
> Michael Wang had tested previous version on pgbench on his box:

Tested the latest patch set (new 3/8 and 6/8) with pgbench, tip
3.10.0-rc1 and 12 cpu X86 box, works well and still benefit ;-)

Michael Wang

> And Morten tested previous version too.
> Thanks comments from Peter, Paul, Morten, Miacheal and Preeti.
> And more comments are appreciated!
> Regards
> Alex
> [patch v6 1/8] Revert "sched: Introduce temporary FAIR_GROUP_SCHED
> [patch v6 2/8] sched: move few runnable tg variables into CONFIG_SMP
> [patch v6 3/8] sched: set initial value of runnable avg for new
> [patch v6 4/8] sched: fix slept time double counting in enqueue
> [patch v6 5/8] sched: update cpu load after task_tick.
> [patch v6 6/8] sched: compute runnable load avg in cpu_load and
> [patch v6 7/8] sched: consider runnable load average in move_tasks
> [patch v6 8/8] sched: remove blocked_load_avg in tg
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