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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 0/2] clk: add metag specific gate/mux clocks
On 10/05/13 16:02, James Hogan wrote:
> This adds a metag architecture specific clk-gate and clk-mux which
> extends the generic ones to use global lock2 to protect the register
> fields. It is common with metag to have an RTOS running on a different
> thread or core with access to different bits in the same register (which
> contain clock gate/switch bits for other clocks). Access to such
> registers must be serialised with a global lock such as the one provided
> by the metag architecture port in <asm/global_lock.h>

Hmm, sorry about the duplicated emails, I had *.patch twice in my git
send-email command line :(.

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