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SubjectRe: ipc,sem: sysv semaphore scalability
On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 8:02 PM, Emmanuel Benisty <> wrote:
> Then I start building a random package and the problems start. They
> may also happen without compiling but this seems to trigger the bug
> quite quickly.

I suspect it's about preemption, and the build just results in enough
scheduling load that you start hitting whatever race there is.

> Anyway, some progress here, I hope: dmesg seems to be
> willing to reveal some secrets (using some pastebin service since this
> is pretty big):

That looks like exactly the exit_sem() bug that Davidlohr was talking
about, where the

/* exit_sem raced with IPC_RMID, nothing to do */
if (IS_ERR(sma))

should be moved to *before* the

sem_lock(sma, NULL, -1);

call. And apparently the bug I had found is already fixed in -next.


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