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    SubjectSubject: [PATCHSET v2 wq/for-3.10] workqueue: NUMA affinity for unbound workqueues

    Changes from the last take[L] are

    * Lai pointed out that the previous implementation was broken in that
    if a workqueue spans over multiple nodes and some of the nodes don't
    have any desired online CPUs, work items queued on those nodes would
    be spread across all CPUs violating the configured cpumask.

    The patchset is updated such that apply_workqueue_attrs() now only
    assigns NUMA-affine pwqs to nodes with desired online CPUs and
    default pwq to all other nodes. To track CPU online state,
    wq_update_unbound_numa_attrs() is added. The function is called for
    each workqueue during hot[un]plug and updates pwq association

    * Rolled in updated patches from the previous posting.

    * More helper routines are factored out such that
    apply_workqueue_attrs() is easier to follow and can share code paths
    with wq_update_unbound_numa_attrs().

    * Various cleanups and fixes.

    Patchset description from the original posting follows.

    There are two types of workqueues - per-cpu and unbound. The former
    is bound to each CPU and the latter isn't not bound to any by default.
    While the recently added attrs support allows unbound workqueues to be
    confined to subset of CPUs, it still is quite cumbersome for
    applications where CPU affinity is too constricted but NUMA locality
    still matters.

    This patchset tries to solve that issue by automatically making
    unbound workqueues affine to NUMA nodes by default. A work item
    queued to an unbound workqueue is executed on one of the CPUs allowed
    by the workqueue in the same node. If there's none allowed, it may be
    executed on any cpu allowed by the workqueue. It doesn't require any
    changes on the user side. Every interface of workqueues functions the
    same as before.

    This would be most helpful to subsystems which use some form of async
    execution to process significant amount of data - e.g. crypto and
    btrfs; however, I wanted to find out whether it would make any dent in
    much less favorable use cases. The following is total run time in
    seconds of buliding allmodconfig kernel w/ -j20 on a dual socket
    opteron machine with writeback thread pool converted to unbound
    workqueue and thus made NUMA-affine. The file system is ext4 on top
    of a WD SSD.

    before conversion after conversion
    1396.126 1394.763
    1397.621 1394.965
    1399.636 1394.738
    1397.463 1398.162
    1395.543 1393.670

    AVG 1397.278 1395.260 DIFF 2.018
    STDEV 1.585 1.700

    And, yes, it actually made things go faster by about 1.2 sigma, which
    isn't completely conclusive but is a pretty good indication that it's
    actually faster. Note that this is a workload which is dominated by
    CPU time and while there's writeback going on continously it really
    isn't touching too much data or a dominating factor, so the gain is
    understandably small, 0.14%, but hey it's still a gain and it should
    be much more interesting for crypto and btrfs which would actully
    access the data or workloads which are more sensitive to NUMA

    The implementation is fairly simple. After the recent attrs support
    changes, a lot of the differences in pwq (pool_workqueue) handling
    between unbound and per-cpu workqueues are gone. An unbound workqueue
    still has one "current" pwq that it uses for queueing any new work
    items but can handle multiple pwqs perfectly well while they're
    draining, so this patchset adds pwq dispatch table to unbound
    workqueues which is indexed by NUMA node and points to the matching
    pwq. Unbound workqueues now simply have multiple "current" pwqs keyed
    by NUMA node.

    NUMA affinity can be turned off system-wide by workqueue.disable_numa
    kernel param or per-workqueue using "numa" sysfs file.

    This patchset contains the following fourteen patches.


    0001-0009 are prep patches.

    0010-0013 implement NUMA affinity.

    0014 adds control knobs and updates sysfs interface.

    This patchset is on top of

    wq/for-3.10 b59276054 ("workqueue: remove pwq_lock which is no longer used")
    + [1] ("workqueue: fix race condition in unbound workqueue free path") patch
    + [2] ("workqueue: fix unbound workqueue attrs hashing / comparison") patch

    and also available in the following git branch.

    git:// review-numa

    diffstat follows.

    Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt | 9
    include/linux/workqueue.h | 5
    kernel/workqueue.c | 640 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
    3 files changed, 549 insertions(+), 105 deletions(-)




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