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    SubjectRe: regression in linux 3.7 - fan speed at 100% after suspend/resume at 100%
    Roberto Oppedisano <roberto.oppedisano <at>> writes:

    > Hello,
    > with recent kernels after a suspend/resume cycle on my laptop (HP
    > 6730b) the fans stays at full speed.

    I too have been hit by this regression w/ a HP Compaq NC6000 laptop.

    From what I can tell 3.7.x gets confused about trip points after resume. Based
    on the information in sysfs, it seems to always think that the CPU temp > 65C,
    when in fact it's usually 40C or so. Loading the CPU enough to rise the
    temperature past the trip point where the kernel thinks we're at seems to
    re-synchronize the kernel's reality with the firmware's reality. On a few
    occasions however the fan did stop, but the trip points were still confused the
    same way. So what happened is that the fan didn't come back to life until I hit
    the next higher trip point at 80C. Under normal conditions I've never reached
    the 80C trip point on this laptop.

    I also tried this tree:
    git:// next
    $ git describe

    Sadly I must report that it's even worse than 3.7. Even without any
    suspend/resume cycles, the system gets confused. When I heat up the CPU the fan
    comes on correctly and speeds up as the temperature rises. Unfortunately when
    the temperature drops the fan doesn't slow down at all. So once I hit a high
    trip point the fan stays at that speed forever.

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