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SubjectRe: DMAR faults from unrelated device when vfio is used
Am Tue, 05 Feb 2013 13:36:53 -0700
schrieb Alex Williamson <>:
> > Ugh, the infamous and useless error 10. It could be anything.
> > I've got a system with onboard usb3, let me see what windows does
> > with it here first. Thanks,
> Well, I've got an Etron USB3 HBA and (un)fortunately it works just
> fine with a Win7 guest. There's really nothing special about USB
> controllers from a PCI device assignment perspective. Have you tried
> the latest upstream qemu bits? Thanks,

We tried also qemu v1.4.0-rc0 (git as of today) without success.
As next step we'll test Linux as guest, maybe it is more chatty than
Windows regarding the issue. :-)


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