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SubjectRe:[PATCH] sched/rt: Decrease number of calls of push_rt_task() in push_rt_tasks()

> On 2013/2/1 5:57, Kirill Tkhai wrote:
>> 31.01.2013, 20:08, "Steven Rostedt" <>:
>>> On Mon, 2013-01-28 at 03:46 +0400, Kirill Tkhai wrote:
>>>> The patch aims to decrease the number of calls of push_rt_task()
>>>> in push_rt_tasks().
>>>> It's not necessary to push more than 'num_online_cpus() - 1' tasks.
>>>> If just pushed task doesn't leave its new CPU during our local call
>>>> of push_rt_tasks() than we won't push another task to the CPU.
>>>> If it leave or change priority than it will pull new task by itself.
>>> I'm curious. Have you hit situations where this was an issue? Or was
>>> this just discovered by code review?
>> No, I did't hit this situation. It's impossible to hook every situation.
>> Thanks for your explanation.
>> Kirill
> Suppose we have a large number of cpus(say 4096), with the last one running
> a low-priority task on it. Is it possible with this patch we will never reach
> the last cpu in case that previous cpu has complete the pulled task?

Yes. But this patch is about several pushable tasks on the same cpu.



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