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SubjectRE: [ 014/128] mwifiex: wakeup and stop multiple tx queues in net_device
Hi Ben,

> > Right, I've managed to pick up 3 changes to mwifiex that it looks like I
> > shouldn't have included. Firstly:
> >
> > 9c969d8ccb1e mwifiex: check wait_event_interruptible return value
> >
> > This had "3.6+" to the left of <>, whereas I
> > expect version qualifiers to be on the right. So my import script just
> > put this in the queue without asking me to interpret the version
> > qualifier. (I don't automate *that* because people use too wide a
> > variety of syntaxes.)
> Sorry. From now on I will put version qualifiers on the right side of <stable@vger...>

I forgot to mention that the upstream patch "9c969d8ccb1e mwifiex: check wait_event_interruptible return value" is also needed for 3.2-stable, and your backport patch [016/128] is correct.

The reason I put "3.6+" instead of "3.2+" for stable is that the upstream patch cannot apply cleanly against kernel versions older than 3.6. It must be back ported.

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