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SubjectRe: No sysfs directory for openvswitch module when built-in
On Mon, 2013-02-04 at 16:29 +1030, Rusty Russell wrote:
> Cong Wang <> writes:
> > Hello, Rusty, Jesse,
> >
> > I met an interesting problem when I compile openvswitch module as a
> > built-in (actually I compile ALL kernel modules as built-in), there is
> > no /sys/module/openvswitch/ directory created by the kernel in this
> > case.
> ...
> > What's worse, the user-space init script thinks openvswitch module is
> > not loaded by checking the exist of this directory, therefore refuses
> > to start.
> We only know built-in "modules" exist if we see a parameter or version
> which mention them. Looking for /sys/module/openvswitch/ is almost as
> flawed as looking in /proc/modules.
> I hacked up something which lists KBUILD_MODNAME for every element in my
> kernel which did EXPORT_KERNEL or module_init, and most of them can
> never be modules, though any could have parameters. Even if we changed
> the build system so we could tell things which "could have been a
> module", it's silly.

Isn't this information already provided by modules.builtin?


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