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Subject[PATCH] ASoC: fsl: fix allyesconfig build for imx-pcm
Patch 25b8d314 "ASoC: fsl: fix multiple definition of init_module changed
the Makefile for imx-pcm.ko to build two modules that both contain the
imx-pcm.c file, which nicely solves the problem of building both versions
of the driver as modules, but it causes two new problems:

1. Since imx-pcm.c is now used in two different modules, Kbuild no longer
sets the KBUILD_MODNAME symbol when building the object file, which makes
it impossible to use dynamic pr_debug code, resulting in this error

sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c: In function 'snd_imx_pcm_mmap':
sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:28:121: error: 'KBUILD_MODNAME' undeclared (first use in this function)
sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:28:121: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears insound/soc/fsl/snd-soc-imx-pcm-dma.o: In function `imx_pcm_free':

2. If we don't use the dynamic debug code, we get a link error since we now
try to link together the same file into built-in.o twice:

sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:80: multiple definition of `imx_pcm_free'
sound/soc/fsl/snd-soc-imx-pcm-fiq.o:/sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:80: first defined here
sound/soc/fsl/snd-soc-imx-pcm-dma.o: In function `snd_imx_pcm_mmap':
sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:21: multiple definition of `snd_imx_pcm_mmap'
sound/soc/fsl/snd-soc-imx-pcm-fiq.o:/sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:21: first defined here
sound/soc/fsl/snd-soc-imx-pcm-dma.o: In function `imx_pcm_new':
sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:52: multiple definition of `imx_pcm_new'
sound/soc/fsl/snd-soc-imx-pcm-fiq.o:/sound/soc/fsl/imx-pcm.c:52: first defined here

I originally suggested disallowing the selection of both the DMA and FIQ
code in the same kernel. That is not very nice, but it resolves the
build error for both built-in and modular code.

Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>
Sorry, the previous version did not apply, it was on top of my older patch accidentally

diff --git a/sound/soc/fsl/Kconfig b/sound/soc/fsl/Kconfig
index a210c8d..3f20cb7 100644
--- a/sound/soc/fsl/Kconfig
+++ b/sound/soc/fsl/Kconfig
@@ -122,6 +122,7 @@ config SND_SOC_IMX_AUDMUX
config SND_MXC_SOC_WM1133_EV1
tristate "Audio on the i.MX31ADS with WM1133-EV1 fitted"
depends on MACH_MX31ADS_WM1133_EV1
+ depends on !SND_SOC_IMX_PCM_DMA
select SND_SOC_WM8350
@@ -144,6 +145,7 @@ config SND_SOC_MX27VIS_AIC32X4
tristate "SoC Audio support for Phytec phyCORE (and phyCARD) boards"
depends on MACH_PCM043 || MACH_PCA100
+ depends on !SND_SOC_IMX_PCM_DMA
select SND_SOC_AC97_BUS
select SND_SOC_WM9712
@@ -160,6 +162,7 @@ config SND_SOC_EUKREA_TLV320
depends on I2C
+ depends on !SND_SOC_IMX_PCM_DMA
select SND_SOC_TLV320AIC23
diff --git a/sound/soc/fsl/Makefile b/sound/soc/fsl/Makefile
index ec14579..ddd9076 100644
--- a/sound/soc/fsl/Makefile
+++ b/sound/soc/fsl/Makefile
@@ -30,13 +30,6 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_SND_MPC52xx_SOC_EFIKA) += efika-audio-fabric.o
# i.MX Platform Support
snd-soc-imx-ssi-objs := imx-ssi.o
snd-soc-imx-audmux-objs := imx-audmux.o
-snd-soc-imx-pcm-objs := imx-pcm.o
- snd-soc-imx-pcm-objs += imx-pcm-fiq.o
- snd-soc-imx-pcm-objs += imx-pcm-dma.o

obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SOC_IMX_SSI) += snd-soc-imx-ssi.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SOC_IMX_AUDMUX) += snd-soc-imx-audmux.o

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