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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/44] Meta Linux Kernel Port
On Wednesday 30 January 2013 02:14 AM, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> Hi Vineet,
> On Mon, 28 Jan 2013 12:40:24 +0530 Vineet Gupta <> wrote:
>> Stephen, can you please add the following branch (rebased off 3.8-rc5) to linux-next
>> git:// arc-next
> Added from today (though there may not be a linux-next release today).

Thanks Stephan - I see it in there for last 2 days now.

>> While the first pull request can go directly from github, I presume the logistics
>> for setting up accounts on will only kick start after the first batch
>> of code has been accepted. I can't seem to find any discussions on lists to that
>> effect.
> Linus prefers to not pull from github, but will if you ask him to pull a
> tag signed with a verifiable gpg key. This is not a requirement if your
> tree is on (though you still need a verifiable gpg key to get
> a account).

At the moment I don't have my key signed by anyone else. James pointed me to so I've added myself to the google map page
and there's obviously no one near me. So how do we solve this - can I call a
developer - who say trusts me - and get him to sign using my key-id.

Richard I believe you were in a similar situation when submitting your port - how
did you end up solving this.

Damn! I was at ELCE back in November but wasn't aware of need for doing this.


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