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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] CPUFreq: Implement per policy instances of governors
On 5 February 2013 14:45, Borislav Petkov <> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 05, 2013 at 12:50:31PM +0530, Viresh Kumar wrote:
>> > I think this is cleaner but whatever - I don't care that much. My
>> > only strong concern is that this thing should be a Kconfig option and
>> > optional for arches where it doesn't apply.
>> Your concern is: we don't want to fix userspace for existing platforms
>> where we have just a single cluster and so struct policy in the system.
> No, as I said so many times already and you're unwilling to understand
> it:

I am willing to, but not able to :)

> multiple policies support in cpufreq should be optional and
> selectable in Kconfig so that systems which don't need that, don't
> have to see or use it. It is yet another feature which doesn't apply
> universally so we make such features optional. Like the rest of the
> gazillion things in the kernel already.

I understand what Kconfig options are for, but i am not able to understand
what's the benefit of this option here. For example: for single image solutions
we need to keep it enabled. And so, would need some sort of logic in cpufreq
core & platform driver to decide where to create the governors directory.

The code without Kconfig option would be as simple as:

init(struct cpufreq_policy *policy)
policy->have_multiple_policies = true;


if (policy->have_multiple_policies)

And so, platforms like Krait or big.LITTLE can set it to true from their
cpufreq-drivers. And this wouldn't break any of the current platforms.

> The existing sysfs layout cannot be changed because you're breaking
> userspace and we don't do that. It is that simple.

That's fine. I understood it already. :)

The problem i see is:
- both governor tunables, cpufreq-stats & policy tunables (P-states) have the
same requirement. They are all per policy or clock-domain, instead of per cpu.
- I want to keep all of these at the same place, as they should be
present in the
same hierarchy.
- If we move everything to cpu/cpufreq/policy-names/ then also we would break
existing userspace stuff for stats and P-states.
- If we move everything to cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/ then also we would break
existing userspace stuff for governors.

> Concerning adding new sysfs entries, I told you to make it as easy as
> possible and as sensible as possible, dictated by the use cases. If you
> can't come up with some, then talk to the people who are going to use
> your design and ask them what makes sense the most.

For me cpu/cpu*/ is the most sensible as it is an very easy/convenient interface
for users. I am the first one who is going to use it :)

@Rafael: What's your view on this discussion we are having? We probably need few
more "minds" to jump in, as we are not moving towards a conclusion. :)


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