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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/6] SUNRPC: rework cache upcall to avoid NFSd root
04.02.2013 18:17, J. Bruce Fields пишет:
> On Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 02:02:29PM +0300, Stanislav Kinsbursky wrote:
>> swapping
>> The main idea of this patch set is to call cache request not on kthread
>> upcall, but on userspace daemon cache_read call. This fixes the problem with
>> gaining of wrong dentry path after calling d_path() in kthread root context
>> (svc_export_request() callback), which always work in init root context, but
>> containers can work in "root jail" - i.e. have it's own nested root.
>> v2:
>> 1) NFS DNS cache update wasn't done in the firest version. So this patch set
>> does preparation cleanup of the NFS DNS cache routines.
>> 2) Also, this patch set doesn't remove cache_upcall helper anymore, because
>> it's still required for NFS DNS cache.
> Argh--I really prefer incremental patches once I've already committed
> something, but OK.

Sorry. I was thinking about incremental patches. Next time I'll do so.

> Backing out the old patches, I'll take a look at these. The first two
> should probably get an ACK from Trond.

Trond, could you review first two patches, please?
They are just clean-ups, actually. Nothing special. Required to unify the interfaces for latter patches in the series.

Best regards,
Stanislav Kinsbursky
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