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SubjectRe: 3.7.5: Kernel panic on halt
On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Grant Coady <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was running machine overnight on 12V battery test, with this simple
> kernel compile loop:
> grant@itxmini:~/linux/linux-3.7.5a$ while :; do make clean; make -j5; done
> Today it was time to shutdown the box ('halt' command) and recharge the battery.
> Snapshot of screen:
> Kernel .config and dmesg:
> Box is Intel D510MO mobo with dual core HT Atom CPU with 2GB memory, 2GB
> swap (unused), Intel pro/100 NIC (disconnected), onboard PS/2 keyboard,
> ps/2 mouse, 1Gbps NIC, VGA monitor connected.
> What next? Box rebooted normally. Ha
> Thanks,
> Grant.

Will you be able to run gdb on your kernel to see where exactly it is
failing: If read the faulting address from the attached jpg correctly,
the following sequence should get us the failing source code line:

gdb vmlinux
x/10i run_timer_softirq+0xac
info line *disassaddr for run_timer_softirq+0xac

-- Shuah

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