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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/9] HID: core: add "report" hook, called once the report has been parsed
Hi Benjamin,

> > I think this is more useful if called before the individual fields. In
> > fact, it seems raw_event() is already doing exactly that. No need for
> > a new callback, in other words.
> I'm afraid this does not work:
> - calling it before the individual fields is not possible unless more
> intrusive changes to hid-core:
> * "hid_input_field" does the actual parsing of the input report, so
> without the call the .value field is still set to the previous one
> (not very useful then)
> * the "hid_input_field" requires to know the previous report, due to
> Array type reports which send the current keys down, and not the
> release.
> - the raw_event() callback contains the report _unparsed_, which means
> that it's up to the hid specific driver to split the fields depending
> on the report descriptor (for instance, get the right bit for
> tipswitch in a byte containing tipswitch, inrange, confidence,
> contactId).
> - the raw_event() mechanism was the one in place in the v1 of the
> patch series, in which the new callback was asked.

Thanks for the compelling argument list, v1 had obviously been thrown
out of the cache already. ;-) I agree with your approach.


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