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Subject[PATCH] scripts: Remove Lindent and suggestions to use it
Lindent had its last good day more than a decade ago.
Time to put it down.

Remove suggestions to use it too.

Signed-off-by: Joe Perches <>
Documentation/CodingStyle | 15 ---------------
Documentation/hwmon/submitting-patches | 5 -----
scripts/Lindent | 18 ------------------
3 files changed, 38 deletions(-)
delete mode 100755 scripts/Lindent

diff --git a/Documentation/CodingStyle b/Documentation/CodingStyle
index e00b8f0..020d1b6 100644
--- a/Documentation/CodingStyle
+++ b/Documentation/CodingStyle
@@ -514,21 +514,6 @@ values. To do the latter, you can stick the following in your .emacs file:
This will make emacs go better with the kernel coding style for C
files below ~/src/linux-trees.

-But even if you fail in getting emacs to do sane formatting, not
-everything is lost: use "indent".
-Now, again, GNU indent has the same brain-dead settings that GNU emacs
-has, which is why you need to give it a few command line options.
-However, that's not too bad, because even the makers of GNU indent
-recognize the authority of K&R (the GNU people aren't evil, they are
-just severely misguided in this matter), so you just give indent the
-options "-kr -i8" (stands for "K&R, 8 character indents"), or use
-"scripts/Lindent", which indents in the latest style.
-"indent" has a lot of options, and especially when it comes to comment
-re-formatting you may want to take a look at the man page. But
-remember: "indent" is not a fix for bad programming.

Chapter 10: Kconfig configuration files

diff --git a/Documentation/hwmon/submitting-patches b/Documentation/hwmon/submitting-patches
index 843751c..449d630 100644
--- a/Documentation/hwmon/submitting-patches
+++ b/Documentation/hwmon/submitting-patches
@@ -49,11 +49,6 @@ increase the chances of your change being accepted.
3. New drivers

-* Running your patch or driver file(s) through checkpatch does not mean its
- formatting is clean. If unsure about formatting in your new driver, run it
- through Lindent. Lindent is not perfect, and you may have to do some minor
- cleanup, but it is a good start.
* Consider adding yourself to MAINTAINERS.

* Document the driver in Documentation/hwmon/<driver_name>.
diff --git a/scripts/Lindent b/scripts/Lindent
deleted file mode 100755
index 9c4b3e2..0000000
--- a/scripts/Lindent
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,18 +0,0 @@
-PARAM="-npro -kr -i8 -ts8 -sob -l80 -ss -ncs -cp1"
-RES=`indent --version`
-V1=`echo $RES | cut -d' ' -f3 | cut -d'.' -f1`
-V2=`echo $RES | cut -d' ' -f3 | cut -d'.' -f2`
-V3=`echo $RES | cut -d' ' -f3 | cut -d'.' -f3`
-if [ $V1 -gt 2 ]; then
- PARAM="$PARAM -il0"
-elif [ $V1 -eq 2 ]; then
- if [ $V2 -gt 2 ]; then
- PARAM="$PARAM -il0";
- elif [ $V2 -eq 2 ]; then
- if [ $V3 -ge 10 ]; then
- PARAM="$PARAM -il0"
- fi
- fi
-indent $PARAM "$@"

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