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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] perf: add new uncore command
> And there's a patchset [1] from Jiri to support some kind of formula -
> yeah, now I've written the correct spelling. :) - that might fit to this
> purpose if you provide suitable formula file IMHO. So I guess we don't
> need to have another command and can reuse perf stat, no?

Yes with a proper expression engine it's all redundant. I haven't
looked at Jiri's stuff in detail, but it seemed very simple-minded
and may not support all the computation needed.

Also would allow to finally replace the bogus perf stat -d frontend/backend

For stat there's no really a compelling reason to integrate
it, the usual wrappers work as well. They have the advantage that
they can be written in real programing languages, instead of trying
to invent a new one.

Expressions integrated would be mainly useful for things like
"counting perf top"


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