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Subject[PATCH 00/13] sched, deadline: patches

This is my current queue of SCHED_DEADLINE; which I hope to merge 'soon'.

Juri handed me a version that should've (didn't check) included all feedback
including the new sched_attr interface.

I did clean up some of the patches; moved some hunks around so that each patch
compiles on its own etc..

I then did a number of patches at the end to change some actual stuff around.

Juri do you have some userspace around to test with? I'm just too likely to
have wrecked everything; so if you don't have something I need to go write
something before merging this :-)

No need to update your test proglets to the new interface, I can lift it if
that is more convenient -- I know you're conferencing atm.

One question; the SoB chain in patch 2/13 seems weird; I suppose that
patch is a collaborative effort? could we cure that by mentioning Fabio
and Michael in some other way?

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