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    Subject[PATCH v14 00/18] kmemcg shrinkers

    This is the 14th iteration of Glauber Costa's patch-set implementing slab
    shrinking on memcg pressure. The main idea is to make the list_lru structure
    used by most FS shrinkers per-memcg. When adding or removing an element from a
    list_lru, we use the page information to figure out which memcg it belongs to
    and relay it to the appropriate list. This allows scanning kmem objects
    accounted to different memcgs independently.

    Please note that this patch-set implements slab shrinking only when we hit the
    user memory limit so that kmem allocations will still fail if we are below the
    user memory limit, but close to the kmem limit. I am going to fix this in a
    separate patch-set, but currently it is only worthwhile setting the kmem limit
    to be greater than the user mem limit just to enable per-memcg slab accounting
    and reclaim.

    The patch-set is based on top of Linux-3.13-rc4 and organized as follows:
    - patches 1-11 prepare vmscan, memcontrol, list_lru to kmemcg reclaim;
    - patches 12, 13 implement the kmemcg reclaim core;
    - patch 14 makes the list_lru struct per-memcg and patch 15 marks the
    super_block shrinker as memcg-aware;
    - patches 16-18 slightly improve memcontrol behavior regarding mem reclaim.

    Changes in v14:
    - do not change list_lru interface, introduce new shrink functions instead;
    - remove NUMA awareness from per-memcg LRUs;
    - improve synchronization between list_lru creation and kmemcg activation;
    - various small fixes/improvements and code cleanup.

    Previous iterations of this patch-set can be found here:
    - (v13)
    - (v12)
    - (v11)


    Glauber Costa (7):
    memcg: make cache index determination more robust
    memcg: consolidate callers of memcg_cache_id
    memcg: move initialization to memcg creation
    vmscan: take at least one pass with shrinkers
    vmpressure: in-kernel notifications
    memcg: reap dead memcgs upon global memory pressure
    memcg: flush memcg items upon memcg destruction

    Vladimir Davydov (11):
    memcg: make for_each_mem_cgroup macros public
    memcg: remove KMEM_ACCOUNTED_ACTIVATED flag
    memcg: rework memcg_update_kmem_limit synchronization
    list_lru, shrinkers: introduce list_lru_shrink_{count,walk}
    fs: consolidate {nr,free}_cached_objects args in shrink_control
    vmscan: move call to shrink_slab() to shrink_zones()
    vmscan: remove shrink_control arg from do_try_to_free_pages()
    vmscan: call NUMA-unaware shrinkers irrespective of nodemask
    vmscan: shrink slab on memcg pressure
    list_lru: add per-memcg lists
    fs: make shrinker memcg aware

    fs/dcache.c | 14 +-
    fs/gfs2/quota.c | 6 +-
    fs/inode.c | 7 +-
    fs/internal.h | 7 +-
    fs/super.c | 34 ++-
    fs/xfs/xfs_buf.c | 7 +-
    fs/xfs/xfs_qm.c | 7 +-
    fs/xfs/xfs_super.c | 7 +-
    include/linux/fs.h | 6 +-
    include/linux/list_lru.h | 112 +++++++--
    include/linux/memcontrol.h | 50 ++++
    include/linux/shrinker.h | 10 +-
    include/linux/vmpressure.h | 5 +
    mm/list_lru.c | 257 +++++++++++++++++--
    mm/memcontrol.c | 584 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
    mm/vmpressure.c | 53 +++-
    mm/vmscan.c | 170 ++++++++-----
    17 files changed, 1017 insertions(+), 319 deletions(-)


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