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SubjectRe: linux-next: manual merge of the block tree with the tree
Btw, I have to state that I very much disagree with dropping the
direct I/O kernel changes, and I also very much disagree with keeping
the immutable iovecs in.

For the latter I think the immutable iovecs are useful and do want to
see them eventually, but they were merged at the latest possible point
in the merge window and cause breakage all over the tree, so they very
clearly are not ready at this point, and I fear even more breakage if
they do get merged.

The changes for direct I/O from kernel space have been in for a long
time, and they are blocking multiple consumers of the interface from
getting submitted for about a year now. Even if the guts of the
direct-io code will get a write based on another patchset from Kent
that will go on top of the immutable iovec changes we need the
interfaces now and not another year down the road.

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