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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] ARM: pinctrl: Add Broadcom Capri pinctrl driver
On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 12:48 AM, Sherman Yin <> wrote:

> So I will go ahead and make the change in pinconf-generic.c and pinctrl-bindings.txt
> to include parsing of the "slew-rate" property and submit it as part of my pinctrl
> changes.

OK, good.

> Question regarding pinctrl-generic: in pinctrl-bindings.txt, this is said about the
> "function" property:
> 169- function takes a list of function names/IDs as a required argument. The
> 170 specific binding for the hardware defines:
> 171 - Whether the entries are integers or strings, and their meaning.
> 172 - Whether only a single entry is allowed (which is applied to all entries
> 173 in the pins property), or whether there may alternatively be one entry per
> 174 entry in the pins property, in which case the list lengths must match, and
> 175 for each list index i, the function at list index i is applied to the pin
> 176 at list index i.
> (Although it looks like pinconf_generic_dt_subnode_to_map() does not support
> the "one entry per pin feature" for the "function" property yet.)
> In my driver, I have the "one entry per pin" support for all my properties instead
> of just the function property, like the "drive_str" property below:
> + grp_1 {
> + brcm,pins = "pin1", "pin2", "pin3";
> + brcm,function = "alt1", "alt2", "alt1";
> + brcm,drive_str = <2 4 6>;
> + brcm,slew = <1>;
> + };


> I thought that would be convenient and allow users to group pins together based
> on functionality and without the restriction that the pins must have the same
> properties. Do you think that's a good idea and are there plans to support that in
> the generic pinconfig? If so, I can look into porting my implementation to
> pinconf-generic.c - but first I have to figure out how some of the properties would
> work if more than one value could be specified (eg. "bias-disable" which takes no
> values)

Hm I don't quite get it I think. It depends on the old bindings still working
and full compatibility with old device trees. It might be a bit confusing.

I need help from Heiko on this I think.

Linus Walleij

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