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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/3] vfs: Detach mounts on unlink.
On 10/05/2013 06:22:15 PM, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 4:17 PM, Linus Torvalds
> <> wrote:
> >
> > So learn this pattern: every time you use chroot, add a simple
> >
> > chdir("/");
> >
> > immediately after the chroot call.
> .. btw, also make sure that you close all non-essential file
> descriptors. Having any open directory file descriptors pointing to
> outside the chroot is also a classic escape.
> Even then, escaping chroot is usually fairly easy. Making a
> escape-proof chroot is really quite hard. Basically impossible if you
> allow root.

Which is why containers have all sorts of extra plumbing. But that
extra plumbing is currently built on pivot_root(), not on chroot(). And
I'd dismissed pivot_root() as residue from initramfs with all that
kernel thread reparenting, so it seemed like the wrong tool for the
job, but obviously I'll take your and Al's word it's not...


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