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SubjectUSB, TTY, char/misc, and Staging trees now closed for 3.13
Hi all,

Given that 3.12 will be out in a few days, it's time to close my trees
for new patches until 3.13-rc1 is out.

The merge window for 3.13-rc1 is going to be a bit longer than normal as
Linus has pointed out, due to travel and conferences. I'll also be
traveling for 2 weeks, so my response time to patches is going to be
_hugely_ delayed.

So much delayed, that I would _really_ appreciate people not sending
patches until 3.13-rc1 is out, just so that I can not have a ton of
pending patches to dig through when that happens. If patches are sent
before 3.13-rc1 is out, I will queue them up, but note that it will be

Due to travel, conferences, and other stuff I want to work on (i.e.
stable releases and xen kexec work), my response time to email is going
to be really slow for a few weeks.


greg k-h

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