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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arch: use ASM_NL instead of ';' for assembler new line character in the macro
Chen Gang <> wrote:

> >> > For "kernel/modsign_certificate.S", I recommend to expand the macro
> >> > which will shrink code line, either need not include additional header
> >> > file, I feel that will be simpler for both code reader and writers.
> > I recommend leaving that file alone. That gets moved to a .S file in patches
> > queued in the security tree.
> Excuse me, I am not quite familiar with our version merging, I guess
> your meaning is "this file will be removed, and the related contents
> will be in another .S file, so we need not fix it within this file".
> If what I guess is correct, I support your recommendation (and if what I
> guess is incorrect, please let me know, thanks). :-)

Sorry, I misread what you were saying. The code has already been split out of
the .c file of course (I'd forgotten that it had). In the security tree next
branch, the .S file gets renamed and slightly modified here:


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