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SubjectRe: Automatic NUMA balancing patches for tip-urgent/stable
On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 11:41:02AM +0100, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Mel Gorman <> wrote:
> > Bah, I have tip as a remote tree but looked at my local copy of
> > the commits in the incorrect branch. Lets try this again
> >
> > 37bf06375c90a42fe07b9bebdb07bc316ae5a0ce..afcae2655b0ab67e65f161b1bb214efcfa1db415
> Ok, these work a lot better and cherry-pick cleanly on top of -rc7.
> > 10fc05d0e551146ad6feb0ab8902d28a2d3c5624 mm: numa: Document automatic NUMA balancing sysctls
> We can certainly leave out this one - the rest still cherry-picks
> cleanly.
> > c69307d533d7aa7cc8894dbbb8a274599f8630d7 sched/numa: Fix comments
> I was able to leave out this one as well.

Yes, both of those can be left out. They are outside the stable rules and
including them to have comparable documentation in -stable is unnecessary.

> > 0c3a775e1e0b069bf765f8355b723ce0d18dcc6c mm: numa: Do not account for a hinting fault if we raced
> > ff9042b11a71c81238c70af168cd36b98a6d5a3c mm: Wait for THP migrations to complete during NUMA hinting faults
> > b8916634b77bffb233d8f2f45703c80343457cc1 mm: Prevent parallel splits during THP migration
> > 8191acbd30c73e45c24ad16c372e0b42cc7ac8f8 mm: numa: Sanitize task_numa_fault() callsites
> > a54a407fbf7735fd8f7841375574f5d9b0375f93 mm: Close races between THP migration and PMD numa clearing
> > afcae2655b0ab67e65f161b1bb214efcfa1db415 mm: Account for a THP NUMA hinting update as one PTE update
> Ok, these seem essential and cherry-pick cleanly.
> Would be nice to avoid the 'Sanitize task_numa_fault() callsites'
> change, but the remaining fixes rely on it and are well tested
> together.

It would have been nice but yes, the combination of patches would not have
been well tested.

> I've stuck these into tip:core/urgent with a -stable tag and will
> send them to Linus if he cuts an -rc8 (which seems unlikely at this
> point though).
> If there's no -rc8 then please forward the above list of 6 commits
> to Greg so that it can be applied to -stable.

Thanks, I'll make sure they get sent to stable when the relevant patches
show up in a mainline tree of some description.

Mel Gorman

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