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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/6] perf timechart: add support for -P and -T in timechart recording
> It should be ARRAY_SIZE(old_power_args).
Thanks :-)

> Do we really need to separate the option and usage for record? AFAICS
> it does exactly same thing..
Yes, we do. Some options which are defined for timechart are undefined
for record (like -i, -o, etc), so we want to get an error in case of wrong

And we separate usage, because it's different in timechart:
"perf timechart [<options>] {record}",

and record:
"perf timechart record [<options>]",

We may share usage, but we need it to be something (confusing?) like:
"perf timechart [<options>] {record [<options>]}",

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