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SubjectRe: Unnecessary mass OOM kills on Linux 3.11 virtualization host
Dave Hansen wrote:
> Richard Davies wrote:
> > I further attach some other types of memory manager errors found in the
> > kernel logs around the same time. There are several occurrences of each, but
> > I have only copied one here for brevity:
> >
> > 19:18:27 kernel: BUG: Bad page map in process qemu-system-x86 pte:00000608 pmd:1d57fd067
> FWIW, I took a quick look through your OOM report and didn't see any
> obvious causes for it. But, INMHO, you should probably ignore the OOM
> issue until you've fixed these "Bad page map" problems. Those are a
> sign of a much deeper problem.

Thanks! What investigation should I do for these? It is on stock 3.11.3.


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