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SubjectRe: lz4hc compression in UBIFS?
2013/10/28 Konstantin Tokarev <>:
> 24.10.2013, 19:15, "Konstantin Tokarev" <>:
>> Attached patch to crypto API wrapper for lz4hc seems to fix the issue. I can save
>> and read files on LZ4HC-compressed volume, and I'm running on LZ4HC-compressed rootfs,
>> flashed from mkfs.ubifs generated image (patch by Elie De Brauwer). My software
>> works correctly.
>> Unfortunately, on my board LZ4HC-compressed UBIFS volume performs noticeable worse
>> than LZO, while still faster than zlib. I guess the reason is that CPU is no longer a
>> bottleneck for my system, but NAND speed.
>> Thank you all for your help!
> Can anyone review the correctness of my patch? Looks like API of LZ4 decompressor is
> used wrong way in crypto API.

Can you make a formal submission of it? That would probably help reviewing it.

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