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SubjectRe: [PATCH V3: Add Smp support for Allwinner A20. 1/3] Add smp support for Allwinner A20(sunxi 7i).
On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 09:48:11PM +0800, cinifr wrote:
> Hi Maxime,
> I have test it, but I found it does not work. If using
> smp_prepare_cpus, the kernenl cannot find the secondary cpus because
> that smp_prepare_cpus semms not be excuted before kernel is booting
> secondary cpus. So I have to use early_initcall.

Please don't do this - you're hacking around what could be a real problem.
Instead, please investigate what is going on and why your smp_prepare_cpus()
function never gets called.

Quite honestly, whenever I see crap like the above, it just makes me want
to tell the ARM-SoC people to forever /dev/null your emails because you
really don't know how to deal with the Linux kernel.

Always *fully* investigate a problem that you find to determine whether
it's your problem or some as yet undiscovered kernel bug. Never hack
around it and then submit a patch suggesting that your workaround is
something that "has" to be done.

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