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SubjectRe: [Query] Stack Overflow in "arch/arm/kernel/unwind.c" while unwinding frame
On 24 September 2013 07:23, Anurag Aggarwal <> wrote:
> While executing unwind backtrace instructions in ARM, in the function
> unwind_exec_insn()
> there are chances that SP overflows from stack.
> For example while executing instruction with opcode 0xAE, vsp can go
> beyond stack to area that has not been allocated till now.
> unsigned long *vsp = (unsigned long *)ctrl->vrs[SP];
> int reg;
> /* pop R4-R[4+bbb] */
> for (reg = 4; reg <= 4 + (insn & 7); reg++)
> ctrl->vrs[reg] = *vsp++;
> The above scenario can happen while executing any of the unwind instruction.
> One of the ways to fix the problem is to check for vsp with stack
> limits before we increment it, but doing it for all the instructions
> seems a little bad.
> I just want to know that if anyone has faced the problem before

I haven't seen it but I think with some stack (or unwind bytecode)
corruption it could happen.

I think we could place some checks only when vsp is assigned and return
-URC_FAILURE, together with some warning.


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