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SubjectRe: [RFC V4 PATCH 00/15] Signature verification of hibernate snapshot
On Sunday, September 15, 2013 08:56:46 AM Lee, Chun-Yi wrote:
> Hi experts,
> This patchset is the implementation for signature verification of hibernate
> snapshot image. The origin idea is from Jiri Kosina: Let EFI bootloader
> generate key-pair in UEFI secure boot environment, then pass it to kernel
> for sign/verify S4 image.
> Due to there have potential threat from the S4 image hacked, it may causes
> kernel lost the trust in UEFI secure boot. Hacker attack the S4 snapshot
> image in swap partition through whatever exploit from another trusted OS,
> and the exploit may don't need physical access machine.
> So, this patchset give the ability to kernel for parsing RSA private key
> from EFI bootloader, then using the private key to generate the signature
> of S4 snapshot image. Kernel put the signature to snapshot header, and
> verify the signature when kernel try to recover snapshot image to memory.

I wonder what the status of this work is? Is it considered ready for inclusion
or are you still going to work on it and resubmit?


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