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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 00/15] Introduce common infra for tegra clocks
On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 02:41:13PM +0200, Peter De Schrijver wrote:
> This patchset introduces common infrastructure for clocks which exist in
> several Tegra SoCs. We also also move Tegra20, Tegra30 and Tegra114 to
> this new infrastructure.
> Changes since v1:
> + move common clks allocation to patch 2
> + adapt also Tegra20 and Tegra30 to the changes in patch 2
> Changes since v2:
> + move Tegra20 and Tegra30 to the common infrastructure
> + bug fixes and comments
> + merge clk-tegra-osc.c and clk-tegra-fixed.c in 1 file
> Changes since v3:
> + aggregate all changes for Tegra20 and Tegra30 into 1 file per SoC
> + add CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT for NODIV clocks to fix some warnings on Tegra30
> + rename tegra_clk_periph_banks()
> Peter De Schrijver (15):
> ARM: tegra30: add missing CLK IDs
> clk: tegra: simplify periph clock data
> clk: tegra: common periph_clk_enb_refcnt and clks
> clk: tegra: Add TEGRA_PERIPH_NO_DIV flag
> clk: tegra: move some PLLC and PLLXC init to clk-pll.c
> clk: tegra: move fields to tegra_clk_pll_params
> clk: tegra: add header for common tegra clock IDs
> clk: tegra: add common infra for DT clocks
> clk: tegra: add clkdev registration infra
> clk: tegra: move audio clk to common file
> clk: tegra: move periph clocks to common file
> clk: tegra: move PMC, fixed clocks to common files
> clk: tegra: introduce common gen4 super clock
> clk: tegra: move tegra30 to common infra
> clk: tegra: move tegra20 to common infra

on top of git:// tegra-clk-patches-1

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