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Subject[PATCH 0/6] percpu: Implement Preemption checks for __this_cpu operations V4b
** Resending using Comcast instead of Amazon SES.

This patchset introduces preemption checks for __this_cpu operations.

First we add new raw_cpu operations that perform this cpu operations
without preempt checks in the future.

Then those raw_cpu operations are used in a number of locations to avoid
false positives.

The last patch then adds the preemption checks by modifying the
__this_cpu macros in include/linux/percpu.h

- Detail operation triggering the log entry.
- Use quilt 0.60/ [PATCH] prefix.
- Clean up subject lines.
- Include raw_cpu_ops conversion/fixes that were tested on
a Ubuntu 13.04 desktop.
- Traces

- Subject line in the raw_cpu_ops patch had ; instead of :.
Guess I am getting old.
- Improve descriptions and variable names.
- Run tests again with kvm to verify that it still works.
A) No warnings with just the patches applied
B) Lots of warnings with CONFIG_DEBUG_THIS_CPU_OPERATIONS enabled
C) No warnings with 3 core patches applied that simply convert
__this_cpu operations to raw_cpu_ops.

- Reuse preemption check logic in lib/smp_processor_id.c
- Remove conversions to the use of raw_cpu_ops since
these may require some discussion first.

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