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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] perf tools: Compare dso's also when comparing symbols

* Namhyung Kim <> wrote:

> From: Namhyung Kim <>
> Linus reported that sometimes 'perf report -s symbol' exits without any
> message on TUI. David and Jiri found that it's because it failed to add
> a hist entry due to an invalid symbol length.

Btw., 'exit without any messages' is something that should be fixed
separately as well I suspect.

> static int64_t
> sort__sym_cmp(struct hist_entry *left, struct hist_entry *right)
> {
> + int64_t ret;
> +

Btw., this file should go back to u64/s64 like the kernel and most of perf
does. (A few int64_t uses slipped into other places as well, I suspect
they should be fixed.)



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