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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET 0/8] perf tools: Fix scalability problem on callchain merging (v5)

* Jiri Olsa <> wrote:

> > - OPT_CALLBACK_DEFAULT('g', "call-graph", &record.opts,
> > + OPT_CALLBACK_DEFAULT_NOOPT('g', "call-graph", &record.opts,
> hum, this disables the option completely, no?
> The issue is a consequence of allowing '-g' to have carry
> a value (dwarf,fp). Maybe we could have some sort of new
> OPT_OPTION type, where if its value is not recognized it
> would be passed to next option.
> Or the way Ingo suggested earlier:
> ---
> So, why not keep -g as a shortcut to whatever default call-graph profiling
> we want to provide (note, this does not mean it always has to be 'fp'),
> and use --call-graph for more specific variants?
> a .perfconfig value could even set the default for '-g', so that you don't
> have to type '--call-graph dwarf' all the time.
> ---
> I'll try to come up with something later today

So, I think we should split -g/--call-graph into _two_, separate options:

--call-graph <variant>

instead of turning the '<variant>' configurability off. Whatever is
configurable via .perfconfig ought to also have a command line
counterpart. This is pretty fundamental.

Ack on the .perfconfig aspect to choose a default for -g.



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