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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/8] ACPI, x86: Extended error log driver for x86 platform
On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 11:16:33PM -0400, Chen Gong wrote:
> But this driver can be loaded as a module. If this module is unloaded,
> extlog_print is gone. I can't keep such a pointer internally.

Sure you can - you define a weak extlog_print() function in a
compilation unit which is always builtin. Maybe mce.c or so.

> This macro is great and I'd loved to use it. But it looks like a
> litttle bit weird to let eMCA depends on a header file like edac.h.
> Meanwhile, I found in drivers/video/sis/init.c:3323 we have a very
> similar macro for this purpose. So how about writing a separate patch
> to clean it up first?

Actually, you're right. Those macros are much more generic and
could be exposed to the general public by putting them, say into
include/include/bitops.h, for example?

Btw, the sis one generates unsigneds (4 byte on x86) while the edac one
8 byte ULLs. So you could call them


How does that sound?

> Because I think in theory "CPU < 0" is impossible. When it hits such
> situation, it should be a very serious H/W or firmware bug. At least,
> It think it should be a WARN_ON.

Yes, I think a WARN_ON is much better than the heavy hammer. We can
always turn it into a FW_BUG later if it really starts to trigger



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