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SubjectRE: [PATCH 2/4] pinctrl: Add pinctrl binding for Broadcom Capri SoCs
>This should *all* be using generic pin config.
>For the devicetree side of this, read:
>Your driver should also be selecting GENERIC_PINCONF in
>drivers/pinctrl/Kconfig so you use the generic pinconf
>for definitions of the generic config options.
>Your driver should be calling
>pinconf_generic_parse_dt_config() and
>pinconf_generic_dt_subnode_to_map() to get the config
>out of the device tree nodes.
>I don't understand the brcm,mode. Can this be selected on
>all pins or just for I2C? I would suspect it be related to
>things like disabling the schmitt-trigger, but elaborate on this
>so we understand what this is. It may need to be added to the
>generic options if it turns out to be unique enough.
>New options can be added but first we need to exactly understand
>those to see that their definitions does not overlap with already
>existing generic pin config terminology.
>> +The following are valid pin names and their pin types:
>> +
>> + "adcsync", std
>std? std what?
>Sorry I don't get anything from this list... you need to be way
>more specific in defining what is happening here.

Ok, I think some new APIs have been added since I first wrote this
driver early this year. I'll take a look at the generic pin code and
rework this driver.


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