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SubjectBUG report about ipt_do_table( )
Dear all, 

We encounter a crash in ipt_do_table( ) function
During our stability test .

The CPU is qcom msm8960 / dual core , linux kernel version is 3.4
I have add the two CPU's stack backtrace
And the crash log .

CPU0 panic( ) in ipt_do_table( )

Because it get a NULL jumpstack (ipt_entry * *) .

I don't know why it get this NULL value ,
Because the private (xt_table_info *) -> jumpstack[0] is not NULL .

We have several crashes like this ,
So I think there must be some BUGs here , not hardware issue .

Every time , the panic happened , CPU1 is doing do_replace to replace the
xt_table_info info , so maybe this is caused by multicore data sync issue ?

CPU0 will see the old xt_table_info or the new one .

I am not very clear about ipt_do_table( ) work flow ,
Does anyone can get some clues from the logs ?

Note: I am not in linux mail-list now, hope you can add my mail-address
In your cc-loop when you reply to me , Thank you !


Software Engineer
OS Kernel&Graphics
Sony Mobile Communications
Tel: +86 10 5966 9819
Phone: 18610323092
Address: No.16 Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang, Beijing, P.R.C.

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