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Subjectdw_dmac patches
Hi, Vinod.

I noticed you missed the 3.8 merge window and I can't see any of my
recent patches [1] in your next branch. So, what is your plan regarding
to them?

pick 9f2b870 dw_dmac: call .probe after we have a device in place
pick 5bcd7fe dw_dmac: absence of pdata isn't critical when autocfg is
pick 2fbca14 dmaengine: introduce is_slave_xfer function
pick 6e98b1f dma: at_hdmac: check direction properly for cyclic
pick d1573d9 dma: dw_dmac: check direction properly in
pick f1071a3 dma: ep93xx_dma: reuse is_slave_xfer helper
pick 191347f dma: ipu_idmac: reuse is_slave_xfer helper
pick 4ec19c2 dma: ste_dma40: reuse is_slave_xfer helper
pick 757978e dw_dmac: store direction in the custom channel structure
pick 8e5ea839 dw_dmac: make usage of dw_dma_slave optional
pick d0da3f4 dw_dmac: backlink to dw_dma in dw_dma_chan is superfluous
pick ca7141d dw_dmac: check for mapping errors
pick 281c298 dw_dmac: remove redundant check
pick 217f956 dw_dmac: update tx_node_active in dwc_do_single_block
pick fd144bd dma: dw_dmac: add dwc_chan_pause and dwc_chan_resume
pick 59a6031 dma: dw_dmac: clear suspend bit during termination

Andy Shevchenko <>
Intel Finland Oy

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